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Erik Schwarz

Director of Photography / Camera Operator

«UNWANTED» Sky original

Camera Operator

DORITOS «For The Bold in Everyone»

Camera Operator

CROWSTRIKE «Future western» Superbowl 2024

Camera Operator

ADIDAS «Home of classics»

Camera Operator

“VICTORIA SECRET The tour 2023 ”

Camera Operator

«THE CALM» new BMW i 7 M 70 x Drive

Camera Operator

Salvatore Ferragamo “Signorina Eleganza” 

Director of Photography

show reel cars 2023


NETFLIX «White Lines»

Camera Operator

About me

Director of Photography / Camera Operator Works

Born in a bilingual family (Spanish mother, German father) in Tübingen (Germany).While on a holiday in 1975 I took my first photos with a Rollei 35mm camera from my aunt in the Ramblas of Barcelona. It was a revelation for me. Framing became my passion for the rest of my life. In 1989 I went to Barcelona to work in my first feature as a camera trainee.From then on I lived and worked between Germany and Spain till I moved to Barcelona indefinitely just before the Olympics of 1992. I worked mainly in features and international commercials. At the same time I studied Photography at “Centre Estudis Fotografics de Catalunya” in Barcelona during 1994 – 95. I worked my way up though all the ranks of the camera department. Gaining experience in framing, lightning, and getting a intuitive eye for creativity and sensitivity. As a creative thinker, good communicator and a problem solver I discover unexpected and new ways to achieve and to build on every director’s vision to explore the diverse new styles and formats so as to create visual expression on different ways in all kind new media. With more than 25 years in the film industry I have acquired great experience for coordinating and supervising complex shootings. And I am equally comfortable photographing lower Budget independent Films and large-scale productions. I have gained a lot of experience in international car commercials as an Ucrane/Scorpioarm camera operator. I am fluent in German, English, Spanish and Catalan and a passionate catamaran sailor.